Networking Tips for Librarians, Archivists, Information Scientists, and Students

Attending conferences like the Library Research Seminar is a great opportunity for all of us to network. When large of groups of people with similar interests and goals gather in one place, we have an opportunity to find mentors, collaborators, future bosses, new employees, and peers from other institutions. In order to help you make the most of your LRS-V experience, we have posted some links below that provide wonderful information about networking. Take a look and get prepared to do your best at this conference, and many conferences to come.

For networking tips: and

For conference networking tips: and

For career strategies (which include informational interviews and networking), check out:

So, go forth and prosper. Network, network, network!


About Pembroke Center

As a recent graduate of the Archives Management program at Simmons College and of the Theatre and Performance Studies graduate program at the University of Pittsburgh, I am excited and honored to help develop a collection gathering the papers of some of the very scholars who informed my own academic work. During my studies, much of my work focused on sexuality in the theatre and gender and sexual identity in the works of Restoration and Victorian playwrights. My archival experience has included positions at the Rhode Island Historical Society, the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, the Harvard Law School Special Collections, and the Brown University Archives. My academic and professional work has prepared me to bring the Feminist Theory Archives to the next level, and we are counting on the commitment and donation of papers from scholars like you to help us do this.
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