Here’s What Jenny Emanuel Has To Say!

Jenny Emanuel is presenting her paper, “Librarians in the Digital Age: Impact of Internet Adoption on Search Habits,” in session 2C. You can view her abstract here.

1.  What do you hope people gain from your presentation and/or panel? I hope that people will be more aware at the various differences in how different groups of librarians search.  There are differences, and we don’t spend a lot of time studying ourselves.

2. Are there one or two articles or websites you think attendees would benefit from reading before attending your session? Nothing specific, and I imagine every one has read something about the digital natives, which is what I’d recommend reading.

3.  What do you enjoy most about presenting to a crowd with such broad interests (practitioners, researchers, students, librarians, archivists, info tech, etc)? I think it will be great speaking to an audience that includes more than just practitioners.  I’m particularly interested in research methods and strengthening my research, and I imagine the questions I get will be challenging but beneficial to my research.

4. How did you get interested or develop this research topic/project or panel topic? I’ve always noted that I search differently than my more experienced colleagues.  I first got online in middle school, so all my sophisticated research was conducted online.  Now that I work at an institution with a library school, I’ve noticed there is an ever widening gap between non digital natives’ and digital natives’ searching habits, and so I’m attempting to document these differences.

5. Where or to whom do you see your research/panel being most useful, implementable, or interesting? I plan on continuing this research and I think there will be a wide range of interests.  Library schools are interested in the next generation of librarians and how to teach them, while libraries themselves are interested in retention and workplace issues.

6. If you have collaborated on your research or project, how has that collaboration assisted and possibly changed the development of your work? I have not collaborated on this project.  But whenever I mention what I’m working on, people get interested.


About Pembroke Center

As a recent graduate of the Archives Management program at Simmons College and of the Theatre and Performance Studies graduate program at the University of Pittsburgh, I am excited and honored to help develop a collection gathering the papers of some of the very scholars who informed my own academic work. During my studies, much of my work focused on sexuality in the theatre and gender and sexual identity in the works of Restoration and Victorian playwrights. My archival experience has included positions at the Rhode Island Historical Society, the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, the Harvard Law School Special Collections, and the Brown University Archives. My academic and professional work has prepared me to bring the Feminist Theory Archives to the next level, and we are counting on the commitment and donation of papers from scholars like you to help us do this.
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